Vaporizing is better than fire

With all the different types of vaporizers from the plain jane one’s to the customizable ones from the silver surfer vaporizer company, there may be questions as to why we would need to use one. Yes, there are continues studies on how the use of a vaporizer can be better for the smokers health but there is not much on any other reasons. When a person goes for a cigarette they are trying to get the nicotine that helps the body release certain chemicals that can cause the person to feel relaxed, energized, happy and a variety of other good emotions.

When it comes to smoking the normal way by lighting there is less of the vapors that can be used in our bodies. This pushes the smoker to light up more times than may be needed. This can be proven by some people that may have to go out to smoke 6 or 7 times in a night just to get the nicotine fix that they need for the brain to be able to release and sustain the chemicals that provide the stress release and happiness. With the use of a vaporizer the vapors are more potent and can release nicotine in a far greater rate then a cigarette allowing the brain to release more of the chemicals and keep the amount sustained at a higher rate. This can then allow the smoker not to smoke as much as he would usually need to, since the amount of nicotine is higher the amount of times the person needs to smoke becomes less.

Another reason the use of tobacco through a vaporizer is more effective is the fact that there is no actual smoke. When you have to smoke by lighting up a cigarette the smoke can irritate the eyes, the throat and the people around you as well. This can cause the smoker to stop the process sooner than they would need to or even more importantly not enjoy smoking as much as they could. When using a vaporizer there is no smoke so there is no eye, skin or throat irritation and also the smell will not offend the people around you. With a vaporizer the smoker is allowed to really enjoy the experience that is involved with smoking from the taste to the chemical effects that it brings.

Being an adult who wants to smoke shouldn’t mean that it has to be a bad experience, with the use of a vaporizer a good experience is, for the most part, guaranteed.

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