Know Your Rights As A Chicago Tenant

Sometimes tenants feel defenseless against landlords because of the position they are in. There are certain rights that both the landlord and tenants each have, but it can be difficult for tenants to defend those rights if they are challenged. Tenants typically do not have an abundance of resources to defend themselves, and ultimately fall victim to landlords and their big time lawyers. Don’t fret. There are lawyers out there that will fight for the “little” guy. When you need someone with the knowledge and experience to protect your rights, these attorneys are the people to turn to.

A problem that plagues many tenants is the security deposit. Discrepancies arise when the tenants are not given their deposits on time, or when their retuned deposit is lower than the amount they were expecting. Some landlords have been known for refusing to return deposits, or withholding deposits for unknown reasons. It is illegal, in all of these instances, for a landlord to do such a thing without the legal permission to do so. In this case, hiring a security deposit lawyer will be the best way to get the justice you deserve.

As a tenant, the law provides you with a certain amount of protection against aggressive or shady landlords. Some landlords will find the slightest reason to issue you a charge upon moving out. It is you job to know your chicago tenant rights, and protect yourself. Follow the necessary steps to avoid any reason for a conflict.

Steps you can take to minimize any type of problem would be by cleaning your place up before you move out. Landlords have a right to charge you if the condition the apartment was left in, is not the result of normal wear and tear. In order to make sure you are abiding by the rules, before you move out, ask your landlord to do a walk-through in your apartment. Make sure you are with them during the process. Communicate with the landlord to make sure everything checks out.

Make sure you know the deadline for returning the keys to your apartment. Landlords have been known to charge a full month’s rent because previous tenants have failed to return their keys on time. In most cases, landlords will have around 30 days to issue a refund on your security deposit. If they fail to do so, without proper justification, you may have a case.

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